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Alpha Baltic – leading advertising agency for 21 year

This year leading full service marketing communication agency in Latvia* Alpha Baltic (AB) is celebrating its 21st birthday. Due to the significant matter, we would like to present you a brief insight in the history, development and latest achievements of the agency.
Alpha Baltic was founded in 1994 (initially Alfa Centrs), but in 1997 it expanded by opening two new branch offices in Estonia and Lithuania, which still are the fastest growing agencies in their countries*. In 1994 the agency started as a small three-people company, but in 2015 it has grown into 150-employee enterprise and is still emerging. The company is continuing to grow by implementing numerous exciting projects for local and international clients a well as by recruiting highly qualified and experienced professionals.
AB currently is one of the leading full service marketing communication agencies in Latvia and we have this valuable advantage of having all departments in one place. AB group includes: creative, media, digital, public relation, BTL department as well as AB Sport – passionate sport and event marketing team..
In 2015 one of the most important and extensive projects was the rebranding of one of the leading engineering and construction services “Siltums Jums” (“Monum”after rebranding) – it demonstrated the capability of AB to deliver a full range of marketing services at the highest quality. Together with a client “Laima”, countries largest chocolate manufacturer, we have celebrated its 145 years anniversary with an impressive advertising campaign and the restoration of a well-known “Wall of Love”. We are also looking forward to the work on Valmiera city rebranding where AB will be realizing its competence and potential in the field of city marketing. 
Concerning the development of the company, one of the most important facts is that AB has become a member of ICOM Network – largest network of independent marketing communication agencies in the world. We are now one of 80 members from 65 countries all over the world thus strengthened our position as strong, competitive and professional full service marketing communication agency amongst other market leaders in Europe.
Alpha Baltic is still holding a leading position in the market for more than 5 years. In year 2013 with a net turnover of EUR 6.817m Alpha Baltic more than twice outperformed the following competitors. RECMA (Research Company Evaluating the Media Agency Industry) has ranked Alpha Baltic as the top 3 media agency in Latvia AB is determined to gain its market share also in other marketing fields including creative, public relations and digital marketing.
* By the number of employees and turnover 6,817m in Y2013.
* By the increase of the turnover in Lithuania (124%) and Estonia (53%) in Y2014 against Y2013. Rapid development continues also in Y2015
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