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A Global creative force - Ercole Egizi joins Alpha Baltic

Since August 2016. one of the most experienced creative directors in Europe, Ercole Egizi from Italy has joined Latvia’s leading full service marketing agency Alpha Baltic. In Ercoles portfolio there are many global brands: Visa, Pepsi, Durex, Fiat, Mercedes, P&G, Unilever, SABMiller just to name few, as well as several significant industry awards. 

Ercole Egizi has been successfully working in advertising for almost 25 years. As a creative director Ercole has a multi-market experience working in Moscow, New York (NY), Boston, Rome, Milan, London, Amsterdam and Dubai, as well as leading his own agency Kennedy+Castro with offices in Rome, London and NY. Currently Ercole has chosen to reside in and is going to work with both local and international projects.

Lauris Špillers, CEO, Alpha Baltic: “I am absolutely thrilled to have Ercole joining our team. His passion for building brands and developing truly integrated solutions is exactly what we have been searching for.  It is quite a rare situation when such a high level internationally experienced professionals accept the offer to work in the fairly small Baltic market. And that marks a significant stage in the history of the agency. We strongly believe that Ercole’s sterling creativity, experience and passion will help us continue to reach an even higher level.”

Ercole Egizi, creative director, Alpha Baltic: “I have happily accepted this opportunity and joined the great team of Alpha Baltic. It will be an honor to help Lauris ensure that Alpha Baltic delivers the highest creative performance. I’m excited about this new adventure and confident in the results the great creative team of Alpha Baltic can produce. “
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