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Latvia’s leading creative mind Edgars Stanga joins Alpha Baltic team

Edgars Stanga, one of the most well-known and experienced marketing professionals in Latvia, has joined the dinamic team of the leading full service marketing agency Alpha Baltic. By accepting the position of a creative director Edgars will be working to develop outstanding campaigns. 

Edgars Stanga is one of the most experienced creative directors in Latvia with almost 20 years of experience in the field and numerous industry awards. Edgars has worked with such global brands as Swedbank, Nescafe, Gillete, IBM, Vichy, Ford, Opel, as well as leading local brands. 

Lauris Spillers: This Summer has been very special for Alpha Baltic, as we have welcomed two very strong marketing masterminds in our team, both on international and local level – Ercole Egizi and Edgars Stanga. We are thrilled to have Edgars in our team. He has an outstanding approach to creative thinking and deep knowledge of the Baltic market. His ability to create ideas that really matter will be a great addition to our highly professional team.

Edgars Stanga, creative director, Alpha Baltic: Joining Alpha Baltic marks a new era in my creative development. I look at it as a logic continuation - to pursue my creative career in one of the leading companies in the industry. As every advertising professional I can be honoured to be a part of Alpha Baltic success story that has been going on for more than 20 years.

Edgars Stanga has previously worked in such advertising agencies as Delta Marketings and Balta Communications, bet most of his proffesional years he spent in McCann Riga agency as the creative director.
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