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ICOM Independent Agency Network Launches New Website

Since June 2015 Alpha Baltic is the member of ICOM network – world’s largest network of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies. As a member of the network, we are happy to introduce everyone with the news:

PARIS, France – ICOM Network, a global network of more than 80 independent advertising and marketing communications agencies in 60-plus countries, announced today the launch of a new website reflecting the network’s evolving positioning and new tagline, “Empowering Global Collaboration.” 

Developed and designed by ICOM member Atlanta, Georgia, USA-based Morrison, the site presents the story of who ICOM is, what the network is all about and showcases client work and agency leaders from member agencies across the globe. 

“Our story is a compelling one of collaboration when one member agency’s client wants expert marketing communications recommendations in other countries and, importantly, of sharing best business practices, tools and knowledge with like-minded agency owners across the globe,” said Morrison Chairman-CEO Bob Morrison, who is also chairman of the ICOM Network board. “Immediate access to known professionals with similar philosophies in unfamiliar markets is invaluable,” he said. 

The new site is designed to be easy to navigate and engage visitors with bold yet simple graphics and visually stimulating imagery. 

“We were very mindful that the site must present a unified story that makes sense for three distinct audiences – potential clients, potential agency members and existing member agencies,” said Jeremy Heilpern, Morrison president. 

The fully responsive site demonstrates the network’s robust capabilities in various marketing communications disciplines all around the world and is organized so that visitors can easily find the discipline they are seeking geography by geography. 
The featured work of agency members is prominently placed on the site’s home page and can be viewed randomly or by medium. 

“We want visitors to take away from the site the idea that ICOM brings people around the world closer to brands through connected thinking,” said ICOM Executive Director Emma Keenan. “Every one of our agencies is dedicated to driving brand success across borders anywhere in the world.” 

Heilpern said that Morrison approached the new site the same way the agency approaches work for its own clients – “by first understanding the problem to solve in a fundamental way. Then we work to build platforms and programs that do just that.” 

About: ICOM is a global network of independent advertising and marketing communications agencies, with 80-plus member agencies covering 95% of the world’s markets. The network empowers global collaboration and brings people around the world closer to brands through connected thinking. Annual gross income exceeds US$500 million.


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