The formula for success in cooperation between Alpha Baltic and Rīgas piena kombināts

The cooperation between the largest milk processing company in Latvia and one of the leading companies in its respective field in the Baltic States, Rīgas piena kombināts (RPK), which now operates under the new brand Food Union and our company, Alpha Baltic, has brought to life a number of major projects that have gained recognition not only in society but also amongst the industry professionals. Many have noted that the most popular ice creams this summer are Pols and Ekselence: Their advertisements can be seen all around Riga. The video advertisements for RPK’s new brands Pols and Ekselence, created by a team of first class professionals, have also become a great success.

The video advertisement for RPK’s new brand Ekselence has also won the publishing house Petits’ Recognition Award during the Golden Hammer advertising festival. Furthermore, a video that was created in cooperation with the popular German food stylist Antony Krank has entered one of the largest advertising portals in Russia http://www.adme.ru/tv-spot/reklama-luchshego-morozhenogo-iz-latvii-394305/. This homepage is being visited by 1.6 million people per month. We are pleased to know that our work will be seen by so many people.

We must admit that the formula for success in the cooperation between Alpha Baltic and Rīgas piena kombināts is actually a continuous collaboration of industry professionals.
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