The Alpha Baltic marketing communications group has issued its third online RE:AD magazine. The magazine contains educational articles on advertising, marketing and public relations, as well as information about the agency’s performance indicators. It includes information on the most successful projects and activities, as well as on future visions. It also offers its readers the chance to become acquainted with the agency’s staff, their hobbies, travels and adventures. Anyone can read the magazine and recommend it to friends through the innovative online information platform, Issuu.

“In creating this magazine, we have paid serious attention both to the quality of the content and the visual presentation, so that our readers will not only be able to enjoy some valuable information but also have some visual delight - just as with the commercials that we see every day. It should be noted that it is our pleasure to present the author of the magazine’s cover, the young and talented Latvian Academy of Arts graduate, Reinis Liepa, who has won awards at several international creative competitions. Hopefully, with each edition of RE:AD, we will be able to pleasantly surprise our readers in terms of educational information and presenting our team in Latvia and the Baltic States. It is very likely that the next edition will also be available in a printed version,” says Alpha Baltic Public Relations’ department manager, Kristīne Tjarve.

The latest edition of RE:AD talks about the Baltcom identity change, and the campaign planning process and changes affecting the brand. Readers will be able to find out more about the marathons that have been organised by Alpha Baltic Sport. This was the second season for the marathon and it has already become very popular among active lifestyle fans. The creative director at Alpha Baltic, Gatis Rozenfelds, is sharing his impressions after interviewing the social business guru, Hanss Reitz, while the sales manager at Clear Channel Latvia, Jānis Puravs, tells you all you need to know about outdoor advertising. Alpha Baltic’s ‘Author of Texts’, Uvis Leskavnieks, presents the eight tenets of commercial text-writing, and the sales manager at Inobx.lv, Andis Kulinskis, informs readers about the practices and the reality of digital communications in Latvia.

The online magazine, RE:AD, has only been published three times, but it has already gained recognition among readers. In the first week of publication, the number of unique views has reached nearly 8,000.* It has also earned very positive reviews from various industry representatives on social networks.

The making of the magazine involves Alpha Baltic employees, partners and even customers, allowing us to share our thoughts, ideas and feelings, as well as our experience about what life is like in the advertising and communications industry.

* Source - Issuu statistical data
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