Now we can say "Hop!"

It was just a short while ago that we began to walk. Slowly, tentatively, feeling our way around.  Just how fragile are those first steps! One wants to carry around a soft down cushion to soften the landing when we trip. Yet – just how exciting those first steps are, too!  It wasn’t all that long ago that you were quietly marching along, but now it’s: Hip! Now we can also say Hop!* – because we’ve landed safely on the other side. We’ve jumped over it. That most frightening of things… What is it? THE UNKNOWN. How will it be when IT happens? By now, we’re galloping along. Not too recklessly, but there’s certainly more confidence than at the outset. We are smiling and proud of our new member of the Alpha Baltic family. Planned. Expected. Carried. Born. Appreciated. The first issue of RE:AD. There have been a good many who came to the baby shower and said pleasant things. Many have offered sage advice. We, the doting parents take it all in because I want our baby to grow up loved and cherished. We don’t want it to get hurt. We want it to be appreciated. Kārlis Streips, the well-known journalist, came to see us with the following review/wish: “A versatile magazine – with some parts more interesting than others, but that is only normal: not everything is intended for the same person. Good luck! Advertising expert Miervaldis Mozers, after viewing our first-born, had words of congratulation: “The first impression of the magazine is appealing. Especially because of the design. RE:AD could also help shape a kind of an original corporate community of your agency’s clients and partners, thus creating a distinct identity to set yourselves apart from others. Not all greetings were as sweet as grandma’s jam, but that is a good thing. Otherwise, the sweetness would be nauseating and make us too complacent, relaxed and sleepy. We would not see what needs to be seen and would not hear what needs to be heard. And, the truth is that we not only see and hear, but we also watch and listen. We listen, we sniff, take a good look, taste, savour and learn. And for all that: thanks! Because this is our experience, which enriches us and makes us more interesting. When people have experienced some BIG event, they love reminiscing about it. Immersing oneself into the memories and relish the magic of the moment. Memories are the best lake I have swum in. It is warm and yet refreshing… Do you recall the BIG and important project to which the Alpha Baltic team contributed? And do you recall what helps save up to 3.5 billion seconds? Ha, that was indeed quite interesting! Have you not read about it? You haven’t missed anything. You can still read the first issue of RE:AD, even when the second issue has been nursed into being. We learned to make firm steps. Now we are trying to give answers to unanswerable questions. To notice the sense in nonsense. The unusual in the commonplace. Peace in restlessness. And a person in the closet. What’s that, you say? Do you think you have misheard? Not at all! Turn page after page and you will understand. Because by then you will be in our world. Can it be that a cat and a mouse are best friends? Does a rainbow appear in the sky when it’s overcast? Is a zebra black with white stripes, or is it white with black stripes after all? What is the speed of darkness? And when does it snow in Egypt? Who pecks out the holes in cheese? Is there some kind of a domestic spirit that always drags into its lair one sock of a pair? Who eats the nuts at the pub bar? If I want something veeery, veeery much, will you all join hands to help me? Can you answer that?  Sure you can. Put your lateral thinking cap on and be welcome in the RE:AD world! * A reference to Gustavo’s song Nesaki hop, pirms neesi pateicis hip!
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