Healing cars with a band aid: Sales campaign of ERGO’s mandatory and optional insurance policies

Have you seen a car whose “wounds” are “healed” using a plaster? I have. And why not? If you, while making your favourite curry, accidentally cut your finger while cutting all those onions, you look for a sticky plaster. It is the first and fastest remedy! What does that have to do with cars? Everything! ERGO, the insurance company, entrusted us with the sales campaign of mandatory and optional car insurance policies, also known as OCTA. Having monitored the activities of our competition before the commencement of the campaign, we came to a conclusion that the communication in advertising material was largely based on figures and stock phrases: a discount this and that, save this and that, get an extra this and that…  Numbers, words, phrases. Dry old theory. Boring arithmetic. Tired classics. Until now, that is! Could we convey ERGO’s message to the people in an engaging and completely unusual manner? Yes, we could! To catch people’s attention, you must stand out, and you must offer something that meets the needs of the target audience. It was here that we saw our strategic opportunity to highlight a quick solution – because at the moment of an accident, a person needs help right away, not indifference and wavering. In our view, it was these two aspects – quick response and the wide range of services – had to be emphasised as the main benefits of becoming a client of ERGO.  This is how the slogan was born: The quickest remedy for every bother! Since the very childhood, when we clumsily tripped over a misplaced toy and hurt ourselves, we have become accustomed to turn to the sticky plaster as first aid. We do not call an ambulance. We do not scour medical encyclopaedias for advice on treating a grazed knee. We simply put a sticky plaster over the painful spot. A sticky plaster also serves as our visual solution.  Intrigue played a significant role in the campaign. We used buzz marketing, thus achieving an incredible amount of interest, discussion – as well as confusion: what on earth is HAPPENING???!!! First, a team of promoters put unbranded plasters on cars left in the streets. Cars that had been in traffic accidents had plaster-shaped magnets placed on them. The entire ERGO staff was involved in the campaign: a special digital signature was created. Then, the effect of smashed windows appeared at all ERGO branches. On the ERGO website, we created a micro-site featuring product descriptions and clips. The entire vehicle fleet of ERGO was covered in plasters. We placed photographs of smashed cars on Latvia’s largest classified advertising sites, whose damage was being “treated” using a plaster. We made extensive use of social media: a Twitter account was opened that attracted 700 followers on the first day alone. A YouTube account. An extensive discussion in Latvia’s most popular social network, draugiem.lv. We caused a veritable storm online: hacking into a number of top Latvian websites was simulated. When clicking on them, visitors were directed to ERGO’s TV spots. People were at their wits’ end. What was happening? People were talking, asking questions, writing. The suspense continued for a week. Then the solution came. The plasters were branded with ERGO’s logo. The web hacker revealed himself in a YouTube video and spoke openly about his mock hacking skills. The results were truly noteworthy. KASKO policy sales grew by 29%! During the promotion, 700 Double OCTA [DubultOCTA] policies were sold, which is an excellent result, given that the product is brand new and completely unknown! Previously, the sales of property insurance had experienced a decline, yet during the campaign the sales volume grew by 2%. By seeing the unusual in the commonplace, little strokes can fell great oaks!
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