Michael Jackson in a stuffed tram or The surprising Coca-Cola coolers

On countless occasions, while standing in a crowded tram, I have speculated what all these people, so deep in their own thoughts, would do or say if I were suddenly to break into singing O sole mio or moonwalked over to the ticket scanner like Michael Jackson. He-he. They would probably think I’m not all there. But why would they? Why! Why do we want to be so predictable, so alike, so dull as rocks? Why not let ourselves do something crazy, unexpected and surprising now and then? To smash that daily routine into smithereens. To rip that boring old veil of everyday life off people’s faces. To dazzle. To shake them up. To replace the grey with every hue of the rainbow to make them splatter all over like those pellets in paintball. So we did just that. Imagine this. A couple of dozen of Coca-Cola coolers. They’ve been clustered together. There they stand, waiting. It’s quiet. And the people. Around. Doing. Their. Thing. But then, suddenly. Crikey! Those Coke coolers are ALIVE! They begin to move around, break into a groove. In other words, they start living their own life. The first of these surprise events took place in Riga, during the international dance contest Pavasara ritmi 2011 [Spring Rhythms 2011]. As far as we noticed, everybody was thrilled. Laughter and general merriment prevailed. Not just the public but also the coolers themselves – the creators of all the fun – were truly happy. As we embark on our partnership with Coca-Cola HBC Baltics, we are planning a total of 84 such events throughout the Baltics: 18 in Estonia, 36 in Latvia and 30 in Lithuania. Many of these flamboyant happenings will be held at central locations in the capitals, which are the gathering spots of Coca-Cola’s target segment: young people aged 12-19. Forty Coca-Cola coolers in all will be used – or rather, will participate – in each event. Their mission: to create a positive atmosphere. That and, of course, to hand out a certain amount of the tasty beverage to the assembled youth. And we can create yet more fun. We can rock half the world, if you wish. All of that can be recorded on video and released into the world via social networks. To give some of that joy to others. Elsewhere.
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