Kkuī! –the wrod cirankcg gmae by Lmiaa*

Does it seem as though the writer is having a tough day? That is how it may appear, but it is not the case. The creator of these lines has simply immersed herself into the new word cracking game by Laima, Kukī, so deeply that she finds it difficult to tear herself away from it even for a mnomet… See, it’s starting again! As a child, you must have talked to your best friend in a coded language, comprehensible to you alone? This enabled you to discuss the crush you had on someone in another set or ask for the right answer to the totally impossible problem during a test – with no interference. Trouble with geometry, that most undecipherable of all disciplines? “Hye, thwa si a typeohneus?” I hollered to my best friend. As we worked on the new word game, Kukī, for Latvia’s sweetest company, Laima, we recalled our childhood and got quite carried away. In this game, you are given the first and last letters of a word, with the rest shuffled. OK, give it a go: try cracking “acudenie”. And what’s a “pseotr”? The three best wordcrackers of the week won prizes: the new, maple syrup-flavoured Selga biscuits and a whole pile of other sweets from Laima. And, of course, long-forgotten, genuine etoomins of joy! My, I have to say – I must have overdone it! What is a KUKĪ? It is that wonderful moment when something unexpected happens. It’s when you rediscover the world all over again. Now you can crack not only words but also crack into biscuits and other snacks. * Kukī! – the word cracking game by Laima
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