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Mount the saddle and be happy!

Imagine the clacking of a computer keyboard. It is like an obscure avant-garde piece of music created by a genius. Because we all do the clacking. Click, clack, knock, click, clack, knock. Endless phone calls. A cup of coffee emptied in a hurry, a half-finished breakfast sandwich on the desk. From yesterday. Someone is nervously tapping his foot in the rhythm of the ringing phones. Someone is quietly complaining that there are not enough hours in the day. Tasks are piling up. Ah, the printer just swallowed a sheet of paper. Oh, great, e-mail’s not working. Arrgh, there’s a feeling my head is about to explode! Ooh and ah, oh and ouch! Today was a crazy day! And then imagine a calm spring evening. The sun, round and bright like the yolk of a free-range egg, is hovering just above the horizon. The air is warm like milk fresh from a cow. And the smell! The smell of peace, tranquillity, harmony and, yes, that of a stable. Because, even though we are from the city and the odour stings our nostrils at first, we get used to it, and soon it feels pleasant and soothing. It seems as though the peace and the harmony can be gripped in a hand and pocketed for safekeeping. Later, as we diligently hit the already worn computer keys again, we will be able to retrieve them from our pocket and release them in the office – let them roam around and bring back lovely memories. The sound of silence… Then co-workers explode in exhilaration: mmm, yes, oh! Yes, that, too, is possible. And all within the same day at that. Day means stress. Evening means peace. The project managers of Alpha Baltic left their work fatigue on their desks, next to the pens, folders and unfinished breakfast sandwiches. Then they took off for an outing at Tīraines staļļi [Stables at Tīraine]. There, we scraped the horses, whose quiet snorting made us as calm as their wisdom-filled eyes. There, we led the horses in tether, along with a complete sense of liberation. There, we mounted horses, thus climbing straight onto the lap of happiness. There, we grilled meat, while also grilling away restlessness. There, we pickled vegetables and by sampling them entered the union of plant, animal and human life. You, too, can look at our magical spring evening.
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