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In 2013 Alpha Baltic to continue increasing their Baltic market share and to offer innovative solutions for their customers

One of the key targets of Alpha Baltic for 2013 is to continue increasing our Baltic market share. We have developed professional teams in Estonia and Lithuania, so that we can successfully provide qualitative services for large businesses in these countries. 

Another direction is the introduction of new and innovative solutions. Alpha Baltic has extended its digital department, which allows for a more efficient and qualitative servicing of existing and future customers in this promising field, still expected to develop.

Since we provide full marketing communication services and our team is structured over several units – creative, media strategic planning and distribution, public relations, digital marketing and BTL unit, which each individually and in teamwork successfully and efficient implement various campaigns of due quality -, we have developed our competitive advantage, which is a strong argument in favour of us in the eyes of our existing and future customers. 

Also Alpha Baltic Sport shall continue strengthening their position in Latvian market. Alpha Baltic Sport organises sports events – Jurmala City rollerblading, cycling and running marathons (www.maratoni.lv). Since beginning of this business four years ago, the number of participants in these events has increased several times. A majority of the competitions are now part of international calendars. We have a well-established cooperation with municipalities, in the territories of which these events are organised, and have reached agreements with companies on long-term cooperation as regards the sponsoring of particular events. The current trend is that companies more and more appreciate the opportunities of brand communication with their existing and future customers in such events.
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