AUTHOR Lauris Špillers

Current trends in advertising market in 2013

Considering the gradual economic recovery in Latvia and abroad, my forecast is that the advertising market will expect slight market increase in 2013, mainly due to digital media.

The victory march of the internet and digital solutions will continue, and the number of smart phones is to continue growing. Applications and QR codes are no longer foreign words to an economically and socially active citizen, rather – a casual topic in everyday conversations. More and more advertisers will appreciate the advantages of mobile platforms and advertisements will reach mobile applications.

An increasingly significant role in communication will be devoted to message personalisation – a more efficient audience addressing in places usual and pleasant for everyone. My opinion is that such advertising shall be well-considered and with a feeling – “Yes, this is exactly what I missed here” and not “Why am I bothered with this?” The idea is not to show and convince, but allow giving it a try, invite giving opinions, etc.

Equally significant are and shall be integrated solutions by linking several channels together – ATL and BTL – and thus reaching the best results. It shall be noted here that the communication borders will get more and more blurred.

Public relations, advertising and marketing are and will be merged in a single integrated communications solution; company reputation and corporate brand communication go hand in hand supplementing each other. Nothing is to hide anymore, since communication outpaces events and thus it is important – what you are and what you do.

The significance of social activities, social responsibility, i.e. feedback from corporations to the society, shall grow.

Companies highly value professional and qualitative marketing communications service, while the customers play greater attention, if a single service provider is able providing a complex solution.

Speaking about other trends in this field this year, the upcoming elections shall be pointed out. The new Law on Pre-election Agitation definitely will introduce changes to the advertising and marketing field. But I have certain concerns of how the various limitations and amendments, allowing for different law interpretations and already now are raising many queries and creating uncertainties, will be introduced in practice. I expect that the new law will not reduce the work amount for communication experts, rather the opposite – there will be more work to do.

We shall also observe what the merging of LNT and TV3 will bring. We hope that the changes, which have stirred the market, are and will be positive for all involved parties – the advertisers, who shall benefit from the improved and organised content, the TV channels, who no longer will have to work in extinction mode, and the TV auditorium, who no longer will have to switch stressfully between the channels. It is of importance that the channel meets the requirements set by the Competition Council.

Advertising experts shall create, not follow, innovations. They not only have to keep up with the times, but to outpace it; work with customers “hand in hand” and always find the most suitable business promotion models.
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