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Anders Plyhm — the founder of worlds mostly awarded digital agency Farfar performing at LADC.

Anders Plyhm — the founder of worlds mostly awarded digital agency Farfar performing at LADC.

In three days time, on thursday, 30th of may, 5pm in LADC with presentation "Teaching a teapot to speak" will perform Anders Plyhm — the founder of worlds most awarded digital agency and its ex-creative chief. We are welcoming all our members and other interested at conference centre Citadele (Republic square 2a) for a lecture and a cup of tea afterwards.

Anders begun his creed as a video editor but already 5 years later he founded agency that became the worlds most awarded digital agency Farfar. He has been working with such brands as Nokia, Adidas, Absolut Vodka, Diesel and others. 

During his time with Farfar his work "Milko Music Machine" gained Grand Prix in Cannes festival, silver from NY Art Directors Club as well was recognised as the best campaign at London International Advertising Awadrs. Farfar can boast with first place in Peter Gunn report what makes it the most awarded digital agency ever.

In his presentation "Teaching Teapot to Speak" Anders will tell about what happens when technologies meet usual everyday things. About what happens when objects become animated in digital world. In short — he will explain "how we taught a soda bottle not only to speak but how to sing".

when: 30th of may
when: 17:00
Where: Citadele conference centre (Republic square 2a)
How much is the fish: member and partners for free, physical bodies Ls24, companies Ls60 (vat added)

Lecture in english so bring your own pocket translators.

Amount of seats is not endless, so apply timely. Write: ante@ladc.lv
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