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Climb mountains with our project director!

In opposition to traditional organization, advertising agency has much more to expect from its employees — that is why Inese Vanaga was chosen as our project director.

Inese is able to reach the stars, climb the highest mountains and master the wind. What it actually means is that she is interested in astronomy, has climbed Montblanc, loves windsurfing and has even flown with motorized parachute — ok, together with an instructor, but nonetheless!

She is not only able to get to the mountaintop but even to get down from it with style as well — you should see how good and fast she is on snowboard. And she feels confident windsurfing the waves too.

Unfotunately she can’t sing or dance, but that is why we have creative directors here.

When it was time to choose her career path, because of her love for the stars Inese considered to become an astronaut, but unfortunately failed the merry-go-round test and decided to go study Business for the BA and specialize in advertising for her MA.

Inese has vast experience in advertising — down from the publishing house Rīgas Viļņi, up to the marketing at Drogas shop-chain and advertising agency Larsoni where she worked with clients like Colgate-Palmolive, Triatel, Antalis, Astrazeneca, SEB Bank and many more.

When it comes to business Inese prefers hard work and long-term cooperation, because only with time deep understanding, trust and excellence can be achieved.

Want to meet her? Become our client!
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