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The Coca-Cola "Share-a-coke" campaign.

During the campaign "Share a Coca-Cola" AlphaBaltic will organise 79 promotion events across the Baltics.

During the campaign "Share a Coca-Cola" marketing communication group AlphaBaltic will organise promotions in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Largest cities of the Baltic states will be visited by promoter teams that will offer people to try Coke soft drink as well as offer them to get a specialised Coke can with a friends name on it.

It is possible to get a personalised Coca-Cola can because of specially crafted trailers that are equipped with touch-screens. Via those screens a friends name is entered into the system and in a short while personalised can is created. In total 33 promo events are planned in Latvia, 28 in Lithuania and 18 in Estonia.

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AlphaBaltic general manager Lauris Špillers: "AlphaBaltic team succesfully cooperates with Coca-Cola for the 3rd year, organising sales-promo events across the Baltics. We have done a lot of work for this project to succeed — promoter teams are trained and AlphaBaltic digital department has adapted the system so that the project could be carried out in all three Baltic states. Ideas we receive from Coca-Cola are always modern and innovative, and we are proud to be part of their team and happy that we can sense the world tendencies and carry them out here. Many have noticed that there is also communication in social networks — people share with Coca-Cola and while visiting shops search for the can with their name. People talk about it, recommend to their friends and are awed to be part of this product. Beloved drink has become more close because there has been a shift from one-way communication to two-way what actually reflects actual tendencies in nowadays marketing."

Campaign "Share a Coca-Cola" is not only first in Europe but largest in the world personalised product campaign. The idea was born in Australia in 2011. It was so successful that a decision was made to launch it this year in 23 European countries as well. 

PS:Gerry Cyron, brand director of Ogilvy & Mather Sydney speaks with Thomas Crampton about the Creative Effectiveness Award at Cannes Lions. The Coca-Cola "Share-a-coke" campaign.

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