From underdog to overdog: Eriks Stendzenieks lecture @Cannes_Lions

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The topic rises certain questions. If “Underdog” is (accordingly to Google Online dictionary) “A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest”, what is an “Overdog”, then? And does “Underdogs” have something “Overdogs” can learn from? 

Underdog and overdog: Eriks@Cannes

Dear colleagues. Time of being an underdog is short. Enjoy it while you can. It is like being a talented junior creative in the agency. It is like spending time in a playground. 
Good news – advertising is an underdog profession itself. You cannot kill anyone by it. It’s not a heart-surgery, man. 
I’ve got a friend. 
His name is Neil French. 
Before he landed in advertising, he was a bouncer, a debt collector, death-metal band manager, bullfighter and producer (and even actor) of pornographic films. And every time I cuss about how difficult my life in advertising is, he says something like “you know, Eriks, I’ve got like thousand scars on my body. And not a single one of them is from advertising”.
I am not here to evangelise, andstageom a stage. And still…  If you could keep this underdog feeling alive no matter what scale your agency is… That will help a lot. 
Thank you very much.
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