DOGTV, the first ever TV channel for dogs.

Been There, Done That

 New launch campaign for DOGTV, the first ever TV channel for dogs.

Auditions for the dog were quite short. In fact, we fell in love with our doggy immediately. But finding “the right voice” proved to be much more difficult. 35 actresses auditioned … before that pampered-but-bored, “was-it-a-pearl-necklace?” voice, was born.


Been there, done that? Finding the right voice for Harlan the dog, wasn’t much easier… We sampled voices from coast to coast. 24 voice anchors tried to capture his spirit, but only the 25th nailed it… that sleepy-tired-bored-to-death voice.

Focus groups

I don’t like focus groups. I never liked them.

But two months ago, when we started working on the DOGTV pre-launch campaign for DirecTV, things changed. (Truth is,) I can’t but enjoy the focus group Asaf Hanuka created for us for the #1st print ad.

After the “Focus group” it’s time for “Dressing room”.
Illustrator: The incredibly talented Ruth Gwily. Enjoy DOGTV’s #2nd print ad.

And now, we’re all ready for the “Set”.
Illustrator: (The great) Itamar Daube. Enjoy DOGTV’s #3rd print ad.

PS: Agency: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, YES. New York,
Founder & Chief creative officer: Gideon Amichay @TEDx Talks

IDEA: Agency: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, YES. New York,
Founder & Chief creative officer: Gideon Amichay, TV Writer/Creative director: Yaneev Avital, Designer: Liat Lapushin, print creative team: Xingpei Wang, Matthew Devasto. Illustrators:  Asaf Hanuka - “Focus group”, Ruth Gwily - “Dressing room”, Itamar Daube - “Set”
TV Producer: Ken Yagoda, Production: Recommended Media, Los Angeles, Director: Peter Rodger, Photographer: Peter Rodger, Executive Producer: Jeff Rohrer, Producer: Scott Ballew, Editor: El Ohayon, Music: Guy Amitai, Sound design: Sound house, Hudi Ben Ari, Narrators (female dog): Kim Somers, (DOGTV): Jon Mohr. Client –
DOGTV: Executive Chairman: Yossi Uzrad, CEO: Gilad Neumann, CCO: Ron Levi, CMO: Zuri Guterman, COO: Aviv Mesa
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