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Residents of Riga surprised by free coffee

On Monday 2 September, next to the cafeteria Miit, residents of Riga were delighted with free of charge coffee, which was served as refreshment for the new working week. This surprise is part of the social campaign Happy Monday, aiming to demonstrate that Mondays can also be the best days of the week.

Dace, who received free of charge coffee on the rainy day of 2 September says: “Mondays are not my favourite days, but at the beginning of the working week I try to think about the weekend that has been spent in a lovely way. It gives me a charge of energy for the entire week. On a Monday morning coffee also allows me to wake up and prepare for the tasks of the week, therefore I am delighted that today I am among those who received this surprise.”

 The authors of the Happy Monday project idea are four advertising agencies of the CAN network (Cafe Communications Affiliate Network), which unites advertising agencies of Eastern and Central Europe. The social campaign Happy Monday in Latvia is organised by the marketing communication group Alpha Baltic, and is also being implemented in Croatia, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The organisers of the campaign plan to initiate a movement, within which different companies all over Europe come together to delight others on Mondays and provide a positive impulse for the new week. Anyone who is willing to become involved in the Happy Monday campaign is invited to follow the page especially created for this campaign #HappyMonday.
Within Happy Monday it is planned to delight the residents of Latvia with surprises at least once a month. It is planned that on Mondays residents can receive special discounts, as well as other free of charge surprises.
“We do not have to wait for the 1st of January to change our lives for the better. Monday is a great day for making new commitments and bringing positive vibes to our lives. We have to try to look at things from a different perspective, because there are so many details that can improve your mood, if only you are willing to look for them,” says the organiser of the campaign in Latvia and Alpha Baltic Project Manager Jānis Graubiņš.

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