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The ultimate happiness for advertising agency comes when client is contended with results as well as others perceive created work positively (be it outdoor poster, tv commercial or radio jingle). Also it is nice to receive some wider recognition from time to time.
 On the awards shelf of AlphaBaltic now there are three new beautiful and glittering prizes. One from the Central Buerau of Statistics for the population census of 2011. Second a guest prize from outdoor advertising company JC Decaux contest Reklamozaurs (2010) and third form the same contest in the category of innovative solutions (client: K-Rauta).

 Now looking back — indeed one has to say that we were really honoured to work on such a project as population census, because next time it will happen again only in 10 years time.
 Alpha Baltic provided such services as: creative concept, creation of logo and all creative materials, webpage design and support, PR and social media.

 Life does not go on only on the internet — life is our daily routine. That is why outdoor advertising does not die — it develops and competes for the attention. While working with K-Rauta outdoor advertising we decided to make world a little brighter.
Services provided by AlphaBaltic: creative concept and design.
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