The chocolate story

What was the most desired place for you to go to when you were a kid? I could bet it was a chocolate factory. What else could be better than to visit the place where all the sweets are made? Taste candy still warm. See how liquid chocolate is flowing and covering filling. And feel the incomparable scent of fresh chocolate. 

If you happen to live in Riga, you must be familiar with the fresh breeze of chocolate aroma that comes from the Laima factory on Miera street. Carried by wind the scent of fresh chocolate can travel for ten blocks or more before dissolving. Of course it depends on the wind direction as well. But when we get lucky, the aroma coveres the very city centre and Riga becomes the chocolate city.

We all know chocolate — in bars with nuts and raisins and in liquid form as a hot drink. But where does chocolate come from? How is it made?

Every year chocolate factory Laima participates in Staro Rīga festival of light. This year with help of Alpha Baltic the most wonderful video was produced for projection on the wall of Laima factory on Miera street. The video tells the chocolate story — from its very beginnings in Africa, because Laima provides the full cycle of production from roasting the cocoa bean to producing and packaging the chocolate candy.

No one can be told what Laima chocolate tastes like — you have to enjoy it yourself. But you can get the right feeling by watching this video as well.

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