The yearbook of Latvian Art Directors club (LADC)

This year is close to it's end and what a year it has been for LADC! There are 39 medals awarded to the best from 300 works applied for Adwards 2013. The latvian advertising community was pampered by 16 excellent lecturers from the hottest agencies around the globe. And probably the most important thing — the yearbook of LADC is successfully finished and beautifully printed.
We — the team behind your favourite Re:Ad and Wa:Tch — are happy to be the part of LADC activities. We have had the greatest of the chances to interview so many fantastic creative pople — and we truly hope you like to wa:tch those interviews. As well we've supported the publishing of LADC yearbook — because we believe this book is like a yearly bible to all generations of creatives to come. This book shows the best we have in our heads right now — and it makes us strive to be better next year. 

So, if you can, you are welcome to join LADC on december 18th, 7PM on the 11th floor Star Lounge of Albert Hotel, Dzirnavu 33. Let us look back to what have been and open the LADC yearbook together.
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