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This year is full of various thrilling events and amazing advertising festivals around the world. Many people from the industry, ad agencies, businessmen and enthusiasts gather there to participate, to celebrate and to communicate with each other in a more informal atmosphere. Our agency, Alpha Baltic, is proud not only to follow this interesting scene but also to take an important part in it. We are glad to let you all know that our experienced creative director and public speaker Gatis Rozenfelds has become a member of jury of two advertising festivals - FAKESTIVAL (www.fakestival.org) and Kyiv International Advertising Festival (KIAF)(http://kiaf.com.ua/). The former is international festival of advertising and design, where all entries are concepts. FAKESTIVAL was created so that ideas that have no actual buyers could see the light of day and, thus, young professionals could get a support. While the KIAF is a significant event for the advertising industry that takes place in Ukraine since 2000. The participants traditionally are advertising agencies from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, the Baltic States, the Caucasus, Kazakhstan and Moldova. The members of the jury and the speakers of the festival are the best experts in the field of advertising and marketing in Europe and America, therefore we are happy that our colleague is among them. 
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