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Laima Zephyrs - "Dream, win, fly!"
Laima is major sweets manufacturer in Latvia and zephyr is one of its traditional signature products popular in domestic and other Eastern European markets. We were asked to come up with creative idea for zephyr sales campaign with elements of lottery.
Since zephyr contains significant amount of apple jam and albumen, it is considered to be a light confection — it is more healthy and contains less calories than traditional chocolate candy. To communicate the lightness of the product a symbol of dove was chosen as well as the idea of flight integrated in the campaign.

Everybody who bought Laima zephyr could apply for the lottery and win paid vacation to one of the cities of choice — Paris, NewYork or London. Slogan says: “Dream. Win. Fly.” — thus connoting the characteristics of the product. Since the target audience of the zephyr is mainly health and calory conscious women, three models were choosed that best represent the ideal image of the consumer.

Campaign was successful not only for the winners of the lottery but for the company as well because colorful and modern images helped refresh the brand message and redefine its connection with people.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Designer: Liene Rudzutaka
Copywriter: Uvis Leskavnieks
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