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Alpha Baltic Sport
Task is a series of marathons created by sports events organizer Alpha Baltic Sport, which is a subsidiary of our agency Alpha Baltic. Our task was to prepare the print materials that would inspire people to challenge themselves to participate in various sports competitions.
We created several types of printing materials with dynamic photographs and the main message - challenge yourself! Showing different images like serious businessman, mom with a child, an athlete and active woman, we wanted to emphasize the fact that sport really is for everyone. If one can dance the whole night, 14 km by rollers won't be a big deal. Through the posters we encourage people to participate in sports activities offers, and inspire them to become better at everything they do.

More info here: Maratoni
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Martiņš Kozlovskis
Art Director: Miks Zankovskis
Director: Armands Blumbergs
Copywriter: Krisjanis Papins
Production company: Cuba studija
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