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Pols bear in big doll and mascot party
Food Union
Ice-cream brand Pols has deep roots in the minds and taste buds of people in Latvia because it is one of the most loved ice-creams already since 1971. Basically, it is ice-cream everybody grew up with. Back in the seventies Pols was hand-wrapped and sported white polar bear as its symbol. Years went by and packaging changed. But now all heritage is brought back — all natural ingredients, recipe from 1971. and even old style wrapping. Our task was to revive the core of the brand — its ambassador and symbol — the white polar bear!
No campaign can be truly successful if it has low levels of consumer involvement. As well — people want to have emotional relationship with brands. And to have a real, visual, physical embodiment of brands idea is good way to provide meaningful interaction. So we decided to create a real bear — real white polar bear with blue scarf that could identify him as the embodiment of Pols philosophy — always cool, always cooling. After all — Pols is not only name for ice-cream, but latvian word for "North-pole".

Whenever there are a celebration or festival of some kind, you can be sure, the white polar bear Pols will arrive and make people feel happy. Just like a good bite of the Pols ice-cream!
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