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The chocolate story - festival of light "Staro Rīga"
Every year at the end of the november when clocks are turned one hour back and it gets dark enough early enough festival of light Staro Rīga takes place in capital of Latvia. This is the major event beauce all the city gets decorated with various light objects — many of them are created by independent artists who use public funds to create their performances and sculptures of light. But there are many large companies too financing they artwork. Because of the enormous public attention this is a good opportunity to get their message heard at the same time making city more beautiful and people happy.

Our task was to invent the and manage the production of the light performance from chocolate factory Laima that would both entertain people and strengthen the brand.
Laima ir one of the central pillars of our national identity. It is a legendary chocolate factory originally founded in 1870 and actually survived all wars and regimes — it was one of the leading chocolate manufacturers during USSR and holder of many unique recipes some of which have never left factory walls… but the most amazing thing about Laima is that it actually provides whole technological process from the bean roasting to wide range of different chocolates (usually factories rely on somebody else to roast cocoa beans for them). So it seemed natural to tell this truth about the product in attractive and compelling way. And there was no better place to position it as the famous Laima factory building on Miera street. Besides, that is where the freshly-baked Laima Chocolate musem is located so this was an opportunity of popularising it too.

With help of many people in a collaborative process a video animation was created and Riga witnessed one of the most legendary stories ever told. To add some interactivity to the project people were invited to send their tweets right to the big screen. And boy they did — so many kisses and love confessions were exchanged just because of this untraditional means.

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