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Do not pass by | Latvia Children's Fund
Latvia Children's Fund
The mission of Latvijas Bērnu fonds is to help children who are suffering from violence. The more money foundation receives, the more programmes and projects it can carry out and the better it can reach its goals. One of the main sources of income is donations — mainly from ordinary people who watch tv advertising and when touched by certain call for help — perform donation via phone call.

Our task was to create OOH and TV spot for Latvijas bērnu fonds to increase income from donations.
The safest place on earth for every child is mothers belly. It connotes care and love and vulnerability and fragility at the same time. It is emotionally deep symbol that touches people simply and intuitively. But on the other hand — the girl is on the street, on the asphalt — is is hostile environment but she dreams of her mother and yearns for her love. Obviously there is not enough mothers love for her because her chalk end up and imaginary mothers heart is left more than half empty. 

This combination of visual symbols explain the situation of a child who is suffering from violence — he is in danger but most of all he wants his mothers love that he obviously does not get enough.

The solution is good for use in OOH and comes to life in 30 second TVC supported by theme music very well known in Latvia as it is originally dedicated to a famous poem about a kid who does not have food to eat. Music by Raimonds Pauls, poem "Crickets Christmas" by Aspazija.

The significant  increase in donations (still in progress at the moment of this writing) obviously is the best evidence that people got the message.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Designer: Liene Rudzutaka
Copywriter: Krišjānis Papiņš
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