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Ekselence - Riga trams 2012
Food Union
Ekselence is a well known and established ice-cream brand. Although popular already after change of owners it was made even better by upgrading the recipe and becoming all natural. These inner changes were represented in new and more tasty packaging and a campaign that positioned Ekselence as an "exclusive restaurant in a box".

The rebranded ice-cream was introduced via the large scale advertising campaign that needed longterm OOH support.
Ekselence positioning was complementary with exclusive new trams of Riga so it was just natural to brand one of them with Ekselence visual materials. We created the overall layout both representing the Ekselence cone, box and the main heroes of the campaign — three chef cooks preparing ice cream Ekselence for an excellent enjoyment.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Designer: Liene Rudzutaka
Copywriter: Krišjānis Papiņš
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