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Laima Zephyrs
Monolith Group
Zephyr is light and almost healthy sweet because it mainly consists of apple jam and albumen. That is why calory sensitive women are one of the main target groups for zephyr. Though even more zephyr is respected among moms who have little children because zephyr is really a viable alternative to unhealthy confectionery with a lot of fat.

Our task was to create a 20 second long TV clip oriented towards russian diaspore in Germany — people who know zephyr and are buying it on regular basis. The video was tasked to be sales oriented.
Our main strategic point was to introduce the product in a functional perspective — to remind its superiorities and accentuate its healthy origins that differentiates it from the rest of the fat-consisting sweets.

As a result a sweet and light clip was filmed using a simple narrative of mother-knows-better argument supported by real facts about the product and brand label at the end.
Alpha Baltic Team
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