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Spice Shopping Festival
The British are coming! The old proverb says that the classic formula for success is to dress British. Celebrating the great UK's store "Debenhams" opening in the largest shopping mall in Latvia, Spice, a very special Spice Shopping Festival is organized. The task was to create a video material to invite customers to the shopping centre during the one-day festival.
We created the promotional video to inform people about the Spice Shopping Festival when the mall offers extra low prices for their products as well as hosts thematic events and turns the shopping into a great party with music and various activities. The video speaks on all the good things, discounts and surprises one will be able to experience. The visuals are connected with the festival's theme and shows UK's landmarks, such as the Big Ben, the London Eye and the Buckingham Palace as well as other things that creates associations of the British culture - the traditional afternoon tea, the red bus etc. 
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Elina Jaunzeme
Account Manager: Lana Vasiļjeva
Copywriter: Veronika Viluma
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