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SPICE Inline Skating Marathon
Task is a series of marathons created by sports events organiser Alpha Baltic Sport, which is a subsidiary of our agency Alpha Baltic. The season 2014 continues with the SPICE Inline Skating Marathon, a great event for professional athletes as well as for families and those who love active lifestyle. Our task was to create an inspirational TVc that communicates the main message about the marathon and invites people to challenge themselves and to participate.
This year the SPICE Inline Skating Marathon offers completely new tracks on four different routes drawn through the Mārupe Municipality. Following the traditions of the marathon, there are routes suitable for both the professional athletes and those, for whom roller skating is a hobby. With the TVc we wanted to reach both of them, so the video is eye-catching and very dynamic. Continuing our concept "Challenge yourself together with the best", we invited the well-known ice hockey player Mikelis Redlihs to promote the marathon. His vitality encourages everyone to register, because, regardless of the result in the competiton, the day will be great.
Creative Director: Martins Kozlovskis
Art Director: Elina Jaunzeme
Account Manager: Linda Levensteine
Director of photography: Janis Andrejevs
Copywriter: Veronika Viluma
Production company: Pixelart
Producer: Alise Rogule
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