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100% Latvian grown
AS "Putnu fabrika Ķekava"
Real Latvian chickens are grown in Ķekava and Bauska. JSC "Poultry factory Ķekava" and LLC "Lielzeltiņi" (brand name "Bauska") are the only full-cycle production companies in the field of poultry farming and chicken meat production. All chicken meat is 100% free of growth hormones and salmonella. The food safety management systems assist these companies, thus ensuring a systematic approach to identifying, assessing and managing food safety risks. Hens are fed with wholesome and nutritious food from the nearby regions, supplied by the local manufacturers and farmers. Therefore these conditions approve that Ķekava and Bauska chickens are 100% Latvian grown chickens. Our task was to create an elucidatory TVc that communicates the main message - Latvian product to Latvian people.
We created two videos that give the audience the information about the event, the routes and its uniqueness.
To get a clear reflection of the spirit of the campaign for the latvian farmed chickens, we created the video clip containing scenes with Latvian landscape and agriculture that directly reflects the environment, where chickens grow and where they are fed. After a full life cycle chicken is prepared to enter Latvian family, to convey the message that locally grown is the best. Latvian chicken - 100% Latvian grown!
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Andrejs Davidovičs
Account Manager: Karīna Priede
Director of photography: Andrejs Davidovičs
Copywriter: Veronika Viluma
Producer: Alise Rogule [ Pixelart ]
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