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​Maxima "Paldies" card
MAXIMA is a retail chain operating in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Poland. Everyday shopping at MAXIMA stores is convenient and attractive because of the loyalty program for the holders of special “Paldies” card. The card allows one to save money on daily purchases and use various benefits. Our task was to introduce the loyal customers with new discounts in February.
We created two videos that give the audience the information about the discounts for the holders of special “Paldies” card. 
The story is about a mom who comes home with Maxima bags, she is tired. When she enters the house, she sees that her family has made surprise for her. The painting on the living room wall says "Thank you". There are tenderness and lots of good vibrations in the air and the mother’s eyes say it all.
The campaign's slogan "Each Thank you is important" inspire to thank each other for the small things.

Creative Director: Martins Kozlovskis/ Creative  Director assistant: Vita Baumane
Art Director: Liene Rudzutaka
Account Manager: Linda Levensteine
Copywriter: Veronika Viluma
Production company: Pixelart
Producer: Aiva Liekniņa
Line Producer: Kitija Laure
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