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Baltcom TV
For the first time in Latvia, a decision was made to shoot an advertisement from the first-person point of view that way communicating direct experience delivered by modern technologies and Baltcom telecommunication services offered. 
By showing all the different places and things and activities we emphasized the width of knowledge one can gain just by watching TV. As well, one of the main points in communication was the wide offer of HD channels that are characterized by picture with higher resolution. While other competitors were telling their stories about television at home, we wanted to take a different path and create a feeling that a person can be anywhere and enjoy all different things and places as by being there himself. In addition we wanted to break a stereotype that one becomes stupid just by watching TV, because actually people with more TV channels can see more and know more thus becoming smarter.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic 
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds 
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis 
Director: Armands Blumbergs 
Director of photography:Reinis Traidas 
Copywriter: Krisjanis Papins
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