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Fastest aid in all misfortunes (Nonstandard mediums)
To activate need and awake necessity for insurance services, to position Ergo as different from other competitors by accentuating fastness of help provided.
The campaign „Fastest help to all troubles” was developed and deployed through many channels. Naturally classical TVC, radio jingle and outdoor was developed, but much of the buzz was created using non-traditional advertising methods like partisan marketing, social media. In the internet environment innovative solution was used to activate word of mouth and increase recognition of campaign – cracking of popular websites.
As the main symbol of the campaign a plaster in the form of car or house was used (depending on the kind of product being promoted at the time). The message was – anything can happen to anyone, so better insure with us because we will provide the fastest help to all troubles.
Campaign was widely noticed and generated a lot of buzz in social media, got wide attention and high recognition. Client is satisfied and we are continuing our cooperation in promoting ERGO 
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic 
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds 
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis 
Director of photography: Karlis Stigis 
Copywriter: Uvis Leskavnieks
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