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Ice cream catalogue
Food Union
Latvia's leading dairy product company Food Union offers a wide range of products made from fresh, natural milk. Making ice cream is one of their proven values and biggest strengths. Food Union has four well-established and popular ice cream brands: Pols, Ekselence, Nu Fruit and Tio.  Everyone of them comes in number of flavours meeting every taste. Our task was to show all of Food Union goods conveniently located together in brief but effective summary.
We created a catalogue which represents all types of Food Union ice creams in a very compact and convincing manner. The catalogue features professional, tempting photographs with suitable, easy to read complementary texts. Considering Food Union's desire for high quality, the layout of the catalogue is well structured and each page embodies main characteristics of the ice cream brands. For example, pages for the ice cream Pols opens in 3D, creating a polar bear which is the ultimate visual symbol of the brand.
Advertising Agency: Alpha Baltic
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Krists Zankovskis
Designer: Liene Rudzutaka
Copywriter: Austra Javalde, Krisjanis Papins
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