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Baltcom Logo

To keep up with the rapidly developing technology and offer solutions superior to competition Baltcom decided to introduce most innovative solutions in all three areas where it operates — telecommunications, internet and digital television. But it is not enough to offer the best — one must look contemporary as well. In order to redesign its logo and corporate identity Baltcom hired AlphaBaltic.
Baltcom logotype consists of name Baltcom and graphical sign — three purple stylized waves that symbolise communication and exchange of information as well as development of consciousness.

Purple colour symbolises energy, endurance, peace, concentration and responsibility. It inspires for creativity. This colour helps to harmonise, heal and enliven emotions as well is connected to majesticity and nobility.

Baltcom grey colour symbolises realism, unification, trust, professionalism, endurance, quality and stability.

Baltcom logotype symbolises growth both in material and spiritual platform by use of modern technologies and mass media thus creating harmony between the two worlds and widening the field of our consciousness.
Creative Director: Gatis Rozenfelds
Art Director: Liene Gaigala
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